Case Study.

GO Vir-Defence Range

The Problem.

Colds & flu are the most frequent infectious diseases worldwide, and NZ health experts were predicting a large spike in cold/flu incidence this winter due to borders re-opening, in addition to the Covid-19 pandemic placing immunity front and center in consumers’ minds.

GO Healthy were aiming to escalate their market share of the immunity category. The challenge was that we needed to promote the GO Vir-Defence range, which includes:

  • GO Vir-Defence (pro-active year-round immune support)
  • GO Vir-Defence Rapid (reactive/acute treatment)
  • GO Vir-Defence Immune for Kids

All within a 30 second video and cut-downs. We also had to work within the regulatory constraint that we were unable to show people looking like they had cold & flu symptoms.

The Solution.

With the over-riding theme of ‘Powerful immune support for everyone’, a man was shown in his car reaching for the GO Vir-Defence Rapid pack out of the glove box, with the voiceover ‘If you start to feel run down, you need immune support fast’. In the second half of the video, a healthy-looking jogger was seen with the GO Vir-Defence product ‘for year-round immune support, to help keep you healthy, especially in winter’. The Kids’ formula was included in the closing range shot.


Heavily weighted to digital platforms

Awareness: TV, TVNZ+, YouTube

Family Health Diary Community: Website & e-Newsletter feature



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